1. Send us an email

You have to send us an email info@ittimadrid.com and we will send you a summary with all the information you need to make your final decision. We need to know what programme is the best for you so do not forget to tell us if you want 4 weeks, 6 months visa or 12 months visa. Remember also to ask all the questions you want.

2. Application form

If you are already convinced, we will send you an application form in order to know more about your personal details.

3. Skype session

Once we get your application form we will ask you to have a skype session so we can meet in person and again you will be able to ask us all the questions you want.

4. Deposit

At this point you will have to pay a deposit of:

200 euros —- 4 w course

350 euros —- 6 m course

450 euros —- 12 m course