Living and teaching in Madrid: 7 reasons to come to Madrid

Living and teaching in Madrid: 7 reasons to come to Madrid

Do you need reasons to come to Madrid?, here you have just seven (there are more of course) not to miss it.

Here is a list as to why Madrid is the place for you.

1. Madrid Has Everything

Everyday there is a new activity in Madrid to partake in. Whether it is taking a stroll through the Retiro, trying different “tapas”, visiting la Catedral, or listening to live jazz, Madrid has absolutely everything. Madrid’s culture is so vibrant and accessible that it is impossible to ever be bored.


2. The Cuisine

In Madrid you can try the mouth watering Spanish food that one can only dream about. There will be no need to travel to Galicia, Andalusia, or Extremadura for the search of the perfect morsel to eat because it is right here in Madrid. Any food that you are craving, whether it is Mexican, Argentine, Brazilian, Japanese, are all offered right in the city of Madrid.


3. The Locals/Madrileños

The locals who are residing in Madrid are the kindest and warmest people one could ever meet.

7 reasons to come to Madrid

4. The City of Madrid

The “casco antiguo” (the oldest area of the city) is one of the best areas to stroll and enjoy. You can either take a walk along the streets or enjoy the local restaurants after a long day of exploring the city.

city centre

5. Hiking

Though being a large city, nature is not too far from where you are. The Sierra de Guadarrama offers natural surroundings that coincide perfectly with a picnic or a hike in the mountains. Often enough, cities can become stuffy. With that said, fresh air and nature are such a short drive away.

7 reasons to come to Madrid

6. An Inexpensive City

The cost of living in Madrid is much cheaper than Paris or London. You can rent an apartment all to yourself for only 500 Euros per month. Madrid also offers good quality and inexpensive food that only costs, on average, 50 Euros per week. This city, though being the capitol, is one of the cheapest and nicest cities to live in that offers excellent amenities.

7. Transport

Public transport is the best method of getting around the city. The metro and buses are one of the most accessible means of transportation. The public transportation that is offered is an excellent alternative to walking or even driving an expensive car in the city.

7 reasons to come to Madrid


Are these 7 reasons to come to Madrid enough to persuade you?

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