Living and Teaching in Madrid: Recommended Activities for Those Living in Madrid

Living and Teaching in Madrid: Recommended Activities for Those Living in Madrid

Different, funny and unforgettable free time activities in Madrid !

For teachers living in Madrid, here are a few suggestions of eventful activities that will ensure a successful and relaxing time in Madrid.

Beer Bike

There is now a new way of wandering the streets of Madrid that combines three favored elements: bicycle, beer and friends. The beer bike tour is approximately 1 hour long that is nothing short of pure fun.  Each participating member can possess up to 2 liters of beer. The bike itself can hold up to 16 people. For those interested, the beer bike can be rented any day of the week. The price for renting the bike is only 15 Euros per person. The friendly company and the historic surroundings of Madrid create a new experience that is both inexpensive and avangard.


Meeting Paint

A combination of art with the legendary Spanish wine and food can never disappoint. Meeting Paint is a painting academy with a new twist on it. In just two hours, a trip here will gain you an appreciation of art and will even include your own masterpiece to take home. During the art class, they even serve appetizers that are paired with a glass of wine or beer. To take this art class, it is not a requirement to have any painting skills whatsoever. Instead, it is a requirement that one comes with a zest for learning and an empty stomach. This activity is a great idea for celebrating birthdays or graduations as it has both the perfect venue and perfect concept to make the perfect party.

meeting paint

Forest Park Guadarrama

The Guadarrama forest park, located in Madrid offers a community that is combined with entertainment. Recreational outdoor sports are one of the most popular attractions of this park. This adventure park offers over a hundred fun games to play, the most popular being the zip lines. In this park, there are 12 zips lines that expand over 700 ft in length!


Enchanted Forest

The Enchanted Forest is a botanical garden and theme park that is located in San Martin de Valdeiglesias. This space has been created with the intention of creating a new style of art. This garden has been filled with plants that have been shaped into the form of famous landmarks. The atmosphere especially is what attracts so many visitors. The natural and mysterious setting makes you forget where you really are.

enchanted forest

Formula Racing

The formula one 3D virtual perfectly mimic how a Formula one pilot feels and acts during a race. The simulators use the exact technology used by the F1 teams. Everything about the simulators is authentic from the dynamic seats to the panoramic view that is a realistic representation of a race. If this interests you, challenge a couple of friend for the chance to win the “official Formula one championship”.

formula racing


This shelter houses all types of cats that reside by the Atocha station. This open area is accessible to anyone. The shelter offers an accessible and clean hangout area that includes sofas to sit on. Visitors come here often with the intent of enjoying the company of the cats while sipping on a cup of coffee. This shelter offers all kinds of activities such as courses, talks, as well as therapies. This place is one of the coolest places that you will ever visit!


Sing along

Sing Along is an original way to see and interact in a musical with songs that are subtitled. By participating in a sing-along, you can learn how to sing and dance to the classics such as “Grease”, “Moulin Rouge”, “Mamma Mia”, “The Rocky “Horror Picture Show”, “Smiles and Tears”, “The Other Side of the Bed”, “The Lion King” and much more. The excellent song choices and exuberant company should put karaoke at the top of your list.



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