Teaching and living in Madrid: Spanish Learning Options in Madrid

Teaching and living in Madrid: Spanish Learning Options in Madrid

Teaching and living in Madrid: Spanish Learning Options in Madrid

If you are planning to live in Madrid with no knowledge of the Spanish language, here are a couple of tips to become a fluent speaker.

  1. Language Academies

If you are a novice to the Spanish language, it is suggested above all else to attend a language academy. At the language academy you will pick up the language quickly through interacting and speaking in only Spanish with the teacher. You will learn all the necessary grammar and vocabulary that is required to perfect your concept of the Spanish language.

  1. Watch Movies and TV Programs

One of the best ways to grasp a language is to watch a movie or TV program in the language you are trying to learn. Watching movies or TV shows in Spanish will not only improve your understanding of the language, but will also help you to begin to understand the important colloquial terms.

  1. Read the Daily Newspaper

Reading will improve your grasp of any language. By reading the newspaper in Spanish, you can begin to practice reading out loud, you can stay in touch with current events, and you can be able to recognize verbs and vocabulary words.

  1. Befriend the Spaniards

Those from Madrid are just as interested in learning English as you are with learning Spanish. Go online to sites like lingo bongo to find “intercambios” or language exchanges. The best ways to find an intercambio is by finding one through your job, through your favorite restaurant, or even through a friend. Take advantage of the opportunity and try to hang out with someone who is not in your normal circle of friends.

  1. Speaking

Speaking in a language that is not your native language is frightening. However, remember that if you are living in Spain, you must start speaking Spanish. Locals are very friendly and they will help you if you ever have trouble pronouncing a word or explaining a meaning.

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