The TEFL Course: Reviews of the TEFL Course Offered by ITTI

The TEFL Course: Reviews of the TEFL Course Offered by ITTI

If you’re still not sure about taking a TEFL course with ITTI, here you have  the opinion of one of our students 2014

Name: Molly

Country of Origin: United States

My name is Molly and I come from the United States, specifically, California. I always wanted to travel to Europe. I discovered TEFL courses that were being offered when searching on the web browser.

I found ITTI Madrid via ITTI New York and although the course is only a year old, I can only say good things about it.  The ITTI team has helped me not only with the 120-Hour TEFL Certificate, but also with other and more pressing issues like culture shock. All of the ITTI employees have helped and supported me during my enrollment in the course.

I would also like to emphasize how wonderful the city of Madrid is. I love the lifestyle here which is nothing like the lifestyle in the United States. I am currently working with several language academies that I had found quickly after earning my 120-Hour TEFL Certificate.

If you are interested in traveling, this innovative way to earn money and learn the Spanish language is highly recommended! I have been here for a year and I have nothing but good things to say about the city and the program!

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