How to be the best TEFL teacher in Madrid

How to be the best TEFL teacher in Madrid

If you are planning to live and work in Madrid and if you are an English native spaker, working as an English teacher seems to be the first option, but how to be the best TEFL teacher in Madrid?. Here you will find a list of the 5 important things to take into account when looking for a job.

1. Experience

Most of the natives who come to Madrid believe that by knowing the language perfectly are thebest candidate when it comes to getting a job as an English teacher . Unfortunately businesses , schools , academies , are not only looking for native speakers but also have experience . but how to show experience if you’ve never worked as a teacher ?. If you do a TEFL courses you will have many hours of practice as an English teacher at all levels , more than enough to take on a real class in your near future.

2. Dynamic

One of the key issues when it comes to be eligible as an English teacher is to show that you are a dynamic, flexible, fun person. No one wants a teacher who will only use the text books provided by the company, you need to make clear that you will bring new things to the students and the company for which you work.

3. Showing interest

Something that no company will tolerat is candidates showing no interest in their future job. You should ask questions about how the classes are, how many students are in the groups , whether you can use your own materials, etc. Once you ‘re in class, show students that you are there to help them. That will be liked by students and your boss.

4. Punctuality

One of the key points to be a good TEFL teacher is to be punctual . Classes at a school or in an English academy are one after the other without much time in between, so it is important to always arrive on time, although Spaniards are famous for being tardy , teachers can not afford to be.

5. Lesson plans

Before you have a class you must prepare it thoroughly. Students notice when a teacher is not prepared and does not know what will do that day in class. You have to bring your lesson plan prepared and always have an extra activity just in case you have some minutes left. 

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