Teaching English abroad: What makes a good TEFL Teacher?

Teaching English abroad: What makes a good TEFL Teacher?

Here are a few tips on how to be an excellent TEFL teacher

  1. Understand the Subject

A native English speaker, though knowing the English language does not always make the best teacher. In order to be an effective teacher, one must know how to explain grammar and vocabulary in a way that makes it easy to learn. An effective TEFL teacher should know how to teach important skills such as phonetics. To be a good teacher, training is required.

  1. Get to Know Each Student

It is important to get to know each student and what teaching technique would work most effectively for them. If you are willing to put in the time to for each student, it will be smooth sailing from there. By putting in the time and effort into creating individualized lesson plans, the children will be more eager to learn.

  1. Be Organized and Plan Well

When a teacher is not organized, a student can tell. A good TEFL teacher must have a planned lesson for the day that has been carefully thought out. The lesson plans will also reflect how well each individual absorbs the information. If a lesson plan is not interactive, a student will tend to absorb little to no information.

  1. Love What You Do

A student as well as an employer can often tell when a teacher is enthusiastic about what they do. To be a successful TEFL teacher, you must, above all, like what you are teacher and be able to incorporate that enthusiasm with the students.

  1. Punctuality

TEFL teachers should be ready to teach before any of the students arrive. This will in turn teach good habits. The good influence will motivate each student to be in the classroom on time and well prepared.

If you want to succeed in this profession, note that you must show interest, creativity, and responsibility.


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