Teaching English Abroad: The 4 Types of ESL Students

Teaching English Abroad: The 4 Types of ESL Students

Here is a summary of the 4 types of ESL students you will have as a TEFL teacher

The Interrupter

This student will be the know it all. This student may even interrupt the TEFL teacher to ask unimportant questions. This individual may also question any explanation that the teacher provides. The best way to handle this individual is to take the student aside to inquire what he or she would recommend for the class. It is also recommended to ask the student if he/she feels comfortable in class or if the level is too easy.

The Completionist  

This type of student wants to learn absolutely everything. They make learning for others a very tedious experience. The reason behind their constant questioning is insecurity. This type of individual is especially common in lower language levels. In order to deal with this kind of ESL students, you should always ask them to ask a question in English instead of their native language.

The Show-Off 

This type of student wants to always be the center of attention. This person answers questions that are not addressed to them and believes that the classroom is their kingdom. To deal with this type of student, it is best to assign partners thus this student can learn to respect their peers.

The Wallflower

This type of student wants to learn English; however it is a fear of theirs to speak up in public for fear of being ridiculed.  To handle this, a teacher must make an effort to push the student to speak. You should always push a student in order to help the individual gain confidence.

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