TEFL Jobs: 7 steps to take in order to teach abroad

TEFL Jobs: 7 steps to take in order to teach abroad

 TEFL JOBS: 7 Steps to Take in Order to Teach Abroad

Step 1

Get TEFL Certified

With a credible certificate, you will be able to obtain any English teaching position in the world. The best way to receive a credible certificate is through the TEFL courses and getting a 120-Hour TEFL Certificate. The process of obtaining this certificate is simple. You may acquire your certificate online or through an in class course.

Step 2

Choose the Country You Would Like to Live in

As an English teacher with the intent of teaching abroad, choosing a teaching location is an important process. It is recommended that you search the Internet for job opportunities. It is also recommended to speak to someone with abroad experience before making this huge decision. The amount of research that is put in can improve your salary, your quality of life abroad, as well as your safety.

Step 3

Create a Resume

One of the biggest factors that calculate your chance to teach abroad is your resume. Your completed resume should have a detailed summary of your skills and experience as an English teacher. The resume is the number one priority to being able to obtain a great teaching job.

Your Resume Should Include…

1) A Photo of Yourself

With a picture added to the resume, the teaching program is able to put a face to each name.

2) Your Educational Background

Anything that will set you apart should be mentioned. If you have one or so degrees from a higher education course, add this to your resume because it will show that you do have knowledge of the subject.

3) The TEFL Certification Attachment

Make sure that this certificate is attached on your resume. Often enough, applicants do not attach this important document. Being TEFL certified means that you have been certified to be an English teacher abroad.

4) Work Experience

If you have experience as an English teacher, add this onto your resume because this alone will set you apart from other candidates.

Step 4

The Trip

Before traveling to your chosen destination you should make sure you have the following:


1) Your Official Documents

This includes your student visa, your work address, as well as your passport. Make sure to make two copies of each of these items just in case they get either lost or stolen.

2) Plane ticket

It is recommended to buy the plane tickets sooner rather than later to ensure the cheapest price.

3) an Insurance Card

Remember to have prepared your international medical insurance. One of the most recommended medical insurance plans is through iNext.

4) Appropriate Attire

Make sure that you have clothes that are suitable for your destination. Try and do some research on the country beforehand to ensure that none of your clothes will be inappropriate.

Step 5

Arriving at Your Destination

Once you arrive at your new place of residence, here are a few tips to get you settled in:


  • Familiarize yourself with the public transportation
  • Learn the area and locate hospitals, markets, and grocery stores
  • Make sure that you have access to banking services
  • Set up your telephone and/or Internet service

Step 6

Your First Day of Class

Now you are ready to put what you have learned into practice. Remember to be prepared before class. A student can always tell when the teacher is not well prepared. You should make a lesson plan with warm up activities as well as an additional backup activity for just in case.

Step 7

Enjoy this Experience

Make the most of your time abroad. Not everyone has the good fortune to live and teach abroad. Take advantage of your opportunity to travel and meet new people.

Always keep your camera on you!

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