TEFL jobs: the top 5 ways to teach English

TEFL jobs: the top 5 ways to teach English

One of the major concerns that future English teachers have is the uncertainty as to what kind of job they can acquire after they have received their 120-Hour TEFL Certificate. Spanish schools are in need of native English teachers due to the fact that Spain, compared to the rest of Europe, has the lowest language level. With that said, if you are looking for a TEFL related job and are a native English speaker, here are a list of great jobs to consider.

What are my options?

  1. English Academies

Most TEFL jobs in Madrid are at English language academies. By working for a language academy, you can earn 10-15 Euros per hour. The hours that you would be working are either in the early morning or in the evening. The academies in Madrid vary greatly in size. The smaller language academies such as YES! La Academia, create more personal and familiar surroundings.

  1. Language Assistant in Public Schools (Auxilar de conversación)

This is an offered Government program where you can work in either a high school or elementary school. The language assistant must work sixteen hours per week, however Fridays will be free. The total earnings for the month will equate to about 1,000 Euros. As an assistant you do not participate in the creative process of the class. Instead, it is the assistant’s job to help both the students and the teacher with the planned lessons.


TEFL jobs

  1. Agencies

There are many agencies that are looking for TEFL teachers to offer services to both private and public companies. One of the biggest advantages of working for an agency is that the agency receives regular customers and that the contract of any teacher spans for 8-9 months with a pay of 10-15 Euros per hour.

  1. Freelance

Another option is to work on your own, teaching English.  The advantage of freelance work is that you are able to choose the students. Another benefit to working freelance is that you can earn 15-22 Euros per hour. Remember that it is best to look for students close to your home as Madrid is a large city. Look for potential students on verbling, lingo bongo, or on tus clases (you must post in Spanish). There are also groups on Facebook such as Auxiliares de conversación Madrid and Freelancers Madrid.

TEFL jobs

  1. Au pair

Being an Au pair is a great TEFL job for potential TEFL teachers who love to be around children. Parents seek au pairs who would be with the children after school hours, helping them with their homework or spending time with the children during leisure hours. All of the activities would be of course spoken in English. Accommodations, if specified, are provided for the au pair such as a small salary as well as food and boarding. Other parents may just require an au pair for the purpose of spending time with their children without staying the night.

tefl jobs

The TEFL jobs in Madrid are endless for any native English speaker. The only question left is… what are you waiting for?

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