TEFL resources: 7 TEFL websites with resources

TEFL resources: 7 TEFL websites with resources

If you are looking for a fun and innovative way to teach, forget about the textbooks. Instead, use the provided TEFL resources to make learning an entirely new experience. Here is a list of some of the TEFL resources to use…




Teaching a different language is a challenging process which becomes a simpler task by teaching English through fun and interactive games. Students with the interest in learning English can now not only enjoy the process through the games, but can also begin to grasp the vocabulary and grammar. Every single activity on this website is 100 percent original with absolutely no requirements for registration.



Interested in learning English? This website is perfect for mastering the tough irregular verbs, the colloquial English idioms, as well as the vocabulary. This website makes learning English so much easier through the interactive activities that include listening and watching videos. This user friendly website gives you a complete lesson plan with absolutely no time limit.

  1. TED X ESL


TED Talks is an interesting and mind capturing way to learn about the world through geniuses. Ted Talks is a presentation program that is the perfect way for English learners to catch up on current events that are being taught in English. This type of learning is a new idea that stresses learning English through videos from TED Talks. This is the perfect TEFL resource if you desire to create an audiovisual and interactive way for teaching.



This Free and interactive site uses the best TEFL resources that are used for the purpose of creating a new and enjoyable way for learning English. With the games and articles offered on this site, there are hundreds of ways to learn the time consuming vocabulary words and grammar.



Games are the outlet to children for motivating them to want to learn English. Children will be fascinated by this interactive and kid friendly way of learning. Playing games like hangman, who wants to be a millionaire, and bingo, are just a few examples of the games that will capture the attention of children.



Everyone loves a puzzle. What this site has to offer is a free lesson plan and offered games that will challenge the mind through interaction. The puzzles and fun quizzes are one of the many ways that one can learn and improve their grasp on the English language.



Yes La Academia is an English as a Second Language (ESL) academy which has created a blog that is full of resources for learning. Instead of just learning English, this YouTube Channel and website explain how and what words and tenses English speakers use. Any troubling topic you can think of when teaching English is clarified on the interactive website and YouTube channel.

Say no more to boring learning methods! To be the best ESL teacher you can be, use these offered TEFL resources that will captivate your students.

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