TEFL Resources: 7 Tips that will Spark a Child’s Interest to Learn

TEFL Resources: 7 Tips that will Spark a Child’s Interest to Learn

Motivation is the number one factor to address when teaching another language to children. The trick to successfully teaching another language to a child is to not make them feel forced to learn, but to show them that learning can be enjoyable.

Here are 7 Tips that will Spark a Child’s Interest to Learn:

1.) Games and Competitions

All children love to play, regardless of age. Integrating games in lesson plans is essential to ignite a child’s enthusiasm for learning. As a teacher, you can find many online games or even create your own game. Include a game in the lesson plan that includes something that has been learned that day in class or from sometime in the year.

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2.) Lessons Blended with Dancing

Children love music, especially the music from the radio. Motivating the children with music or creating choreographies that intertwine the lesson, will help the children remember the information.

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3.) Treats

Try rewarding the kids if they answer a question correctly. Rewarding the kids with extra recess time, food, or any other treat, will motivate them to participate in class or to learn the information.

4). One-on-One Support

All children are unique in class and seek the attention of the teacher. It is the job of the teacher to always listen to their students and to individualize each one of them. With this method of teaching, a child will never feel embarrassed or uncomfortable in class.

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5.) In-Class Movies

On special occasions, a movie is always received with great excitement. When deciding to show your students a movie, show them films in English with English subtitles as a way to continue learning without having to write anything down.


6.) Working in Teams

If you are a teacher seeking to review a topic, pairing the students up can be the best option. This will teach the children how to work in teams while also encouraging a more influential teaching style. The paired-off students will not only learn more but they will also have fun.

7.) Arts and Crafts

Crafts are a great way to peak a child’s interest. This method is a great teaching style because the child will be learning through interaction and participation instead of just taking notes on the subject.

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