TEFL Resources: Games to play in class PART 2

TEFL Resources: Games to play in class PART 2

Here we bring you more tefl resources, here you can finde the second part of games to  play in class. Remember that through games  students enjoy classes even more. 

1. Adjectives

Write up the following categories: age, weight, build, hair colour, personality, looks, height, intelligence, etc . Tell the teams to write down the category headings and write as many adjectives as they can think of under each heading. Set a 5 minute time limit. Thell the teams that they must find words for all of the categories and not spend all the time on just one. They should cross out any duplicate adjectives on their lists which are read out by another team. The team with the most adjectives left is the winner.

2. Going to

You need a bag. Tell the group that they have to pass the bag around from player to player. The player who receives the bag has to look in it, invent an object which could be in the bag and ask the player who has just passed him the bag. Why have you got a ….in your bag?. This player then has to think of an appropriate reply with I’m going…
Ex: player 1 passes the bag to player 2
Player 2 looks in the bag, Why have you got a tent in your bag?
Player 1 I’m going camping

Tell them to think of an unusual object with the idea of making it difficult for the other players to think of a reason for having such an object in their bag.

3. There is and There are

Place a large number of objects on a table or desk, for example: paper, magazine, book, newspaper, ring, cup, sugar, etc. It would be better if you could do this without the group seeing you. Allow the gropu one minute to study what is on the table. The cover the objects. Ask them questions about what is on the table. Take care to ask questions which require a negative as well as positive answer.

For example:
Is there a glass on the table? Yes, there is
Is there a cup on the table?, No there isn’t

Then uncover the objects and award 1 point for each correct answer. Then get thy group to test your memory.

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